Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Post Op Appointment :: Part of the bad 10%

First, I really like my surgeon. He really spends the time to talk to me. DH went along with me today and I was so happy to have him there.

the Q&A:
1. What stage am I?
Here's the deal ... he said he doesn't like the stages, but he'd put me at a stage III again. While he thinks I'm moderate because I don't have anatomical distortion, he thinks I'm on the severe side because of the fact that I had so much completely new endo. He puts me in a 10% bracket with his patients... the 10% that the endo continues to come back in.

2. Will anything that was done help our infertility?
Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to think anything he did will directly help my fertility. I did have an ovary stuck to my sidewall and had endo all over both ovaries. He still doesn't think that would have effected anything. we'll see what the RE says. My tubes were clear and all implants were superficial. He said if my ovaries had been left longer, they could have turned into endometriomas which do in fact hinder fertility.

3. The future:
I wanted to know what happens next with 2 scenarios...
1) We get pregnant with our IVF... then what?... he said that I should be feeling better through pregnancy and breast feeding, but then after that would need to consider meds such as depro vera or murena?
2) If we don't get pregnant and start our adoption process... how long can we try on our own before I really need to worry about my endo. He said that he could say 6-9 months, but you never really know. He said that I should be all means keep trying naturally and worry about the endo when I start to feel pains or of course the second I don't want to TTC anymore, to get on meds.

4. Are you going to make me take Lupron?
I asked about lupron and he doesn't like it. I was so happy to hear that because they have been pushing me toward it for years. He prefers a long term plan. He also really wants me to do that nerve cutting (presacral neurectomy) if I ever need another surgery... he said he will do everything in his power to avoid me needing another surgery.

5. What about my numb thigh?
If I'm not better in 2 weeks, he wants me to see a neurologist. He thinks the nerve was pulled or pinched by them letting my leg stretch down too much during surgery. Wow, I wish I could see video of what they are doing to me in there. And thank you Dr. for saying again that I'm a thin patient ;)

My consult for our 3rd IVF is on the 31st with our RE. I'm to take the surgery report to him and see what he says!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Cycle #26. Wow.

26 months of disappointment. Can you imagine? We think we had very good timing this month even though we weren't even trying. Just happened that way. My hopes weren't as high as other months, but of course I still had hoped... I have so much respect for anyone that has been trying even longer than us. It takes so much strength to keep moving forward.

One more shot before out IVF cycle starts in February. You never know!

This is my first AF after my surgery. This morning I was going to post about how I amazingly didn't have much cramping, but that changed this afternoon. I downed the usual 2 motrin and will step up to the naprosyn this evening. Hopefully acupuncture tonight will help a little.