Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8 Weeks Today

LJ and CJ are now the size of kidney or pinto beans. They are developing fingers and toes. Their lungs are developing and the nerve cells in their brains are branching out and connecting forming primitive neural pathways. Their eyelids are almost fully developed. Their tiny hearts are beginning to separate into four chambers.

I'm now at the stage where I need to unbutton my pants to be comfortable. It's a little early to really be showing... I assume it's mostly bloat and perhaps a little bit of baby belly. From what I hear, with twins, my baby belly may show as early as 9 weeks.

I'm still feeling sick but have been vomit free since Friday which is fantastic! I saw my acupuncturist last night and hope that it helps me. I've been listening to my body as best I can and resting as needed which is ALL THE TIME! I slept the entire weekend! I'm also tiring of all the eating I've been doing. I need to keep my stomach from feeling empty to avoid the nausea. As a result I sit at my desk and eat all day! Crackers, honey nut cheerios, apples, bananas, dry toast and graham crackers. My wheat-free diet has gone out the window!

I always looked down on the women who complained about pregnancy because they were so lucky to actually be pregnant. I mean what right did they have to complain when so many of us couldn't get pregnant? Now that I'm pregnant and going through this first trimester, I regret ever feeling that way towards anyone. It's hard. It's totally worth it and I'm so happy to be pregnant, but that doesn't mean it's easy!