Saturday, August 22, 2009

Prayers needed.

Another virtual friend of ours is going through an incredibly difficult time. Please visit her blog and read about this family and what they are going through right now. They need everyones thoughts and prayers. Just another reminder yet again of how truly lucky we are. We thought we went through so much in the NICU. It doesn't even come close to what other families have had to and are dealing with.

Please support the March of Dimes. In these tough financial times, they are having an even harder time raising money. Walk with us next May in support of our family and families like the triplets. Donate whatever you can. Even if it's $1.

Or donate to our friends charity, "Grady's Decision", which helps families with support as they go through premature births and the NICU.

Kiss and hug your lil' ones!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More teeth!

Mady now has 5 teeth and Ms. Emma has 2! They have started chewing on their cribs! Yikes!

They seem to understand almost everything we say, but they still don't have any first words besides dada and an occassional mama. They are starting to cruise a little more and can climb up an entire staircase! I went out at lunch today and bought a flat screen tv lock to bolt the tv to the wall.

Just a few more days until their birthday party. We've kept it just to friends and our siblings/parents. I think the count is at about 35 right now and about 11 kids/babies. The weather is looking good so far!

Here's an adorable picture of the girls with Eli, their cousin at Grandma/Grandpa daycare.