Friday, May 15, 2009

Well, we made it 8+months...

and the first week of daycare, Madelyn got sick. Granted, we've been very lucky. Going 8 months with no illnesses is pretty good. Madelyn had a fever when I picked her up on Tuesday from Grandma and Grandpas. They said she was pretty whiny all day and just didn't seem right. That night her fever hit 103 and the next day she still had one and was very tired and just not herself. We took her to the doctors only to have him tell us that it's probably viral. The only thing we are to watch with Mady is the way she is acting, not so much the actual fever. Fatigue and her not acting like herself can indicate one of her internal hemangiomas bleeding. This morning she seems to be 90% and no fever! Hopefully, Emma will not get sick. We had to keep them out of daycare this week, which meant time off work for both of us. I only get 3 paid sick days per year, so hopefully the girls will remain healthy. Being a new mommy, I had no idea that a baby can a fever for days without it being treated with anything other than Tylenol or Motrin. I also didn't realized that it can be 103 and it doesn't overly concern the doctors. I know what I feel like with a fever that high and it's not fun. We're very glad that Madelyn is almost back to her normally "smiley" self!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great news!

Emma is now up to 15lbs. :) The doc says she's right where she should be, so no more worries! We just need to make sure she takes in 15-20 oz a day. If she goes below that, we need to call the doctor since she's just skimming the growth chart for her age. She is also sleeping better. She's now sleeping through most nights again - THANK YOU! And they are both pooping out a little earlier on us every night, which means more time to spend together, though most times in translates into us getting laundry, freelance work and cleaning done.

They entered the world of daycare for 2 days every week last week. They did really, really well. Better than I did! We love the daycare though and definitely feel comfortable leaving the girls there. There is even a set of girl twins that are one month younger. The hard part is the check I have to write every week. I know these women work hard, but man, it's alot of money! Those of you that pay for daycare for twins 5 days a week, I have no idea how you do it!

Thank you everyone for the donations for the March of Dimes Walk! We raised $877 and had alot of fun at the walk. We look forward to making it a yearly tradition and hope to help volunteer as the girls get older.