Friday, September 7, 2012

Our 4 year appt.

We had our four year doctors appointment today and it was WAY out of the norm - the girls were miserable. I'm going to blame it on their colds and that fact that I didn't lie to them about needing a flu S-H-O-T today. Emma would not do the eye exam and neither of them would put the headphones on for the ear test. These are two girls that have LOVED going to the doctors since they were able. I mean, they were born with nurses standing next to them and spent 50+ days with tubes and wires in them, so they were used to it. They only way Emma would cooperate for her physical exam was by holding my iPhone. So anyway, the stats as I remember them...

42.25" 97% percentile, 35lbs 50% - ha and her blood pressure was through the roof as she was screaming!

41" 75%, 39lbs 75%
Eyes were 20/40 and I guess they don't full adjust until age 6

Everything else was good. We're working on getting Mady set up for her plastic surgery surgery on her shoulder and belly. Last night she asked if we could just leave them on. It's hard to explain to her that she'll be happy about it later!

The girls start their first day of tap/ballet tomorrow morning and started up gymnastics again last week. We are off to Myrtle beach tomorrow after dance class. I hope to post about their Willy Wonka/Gymnastics party while we are away OR when we get back!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012