Monday, April 5, 2010

Bring on Summer, please?!

Well, we've had quite the week. Viral gastroenteritis hit our house and hard. First Mady, then me, then Emma, then Christian. And then Grammie, Pap-Pap and even 2 uncles and an aunt! Most of us had it anywhere from 4-7 days. I landed in the ER needing fluids. It has been exhausting and sad watching our helpless little girls vomiting and have diarrhea. My birthday was March 30 and we basically skipped right over it. We cancelled our big Easter dinner with Angela and Todd, as we didn't want to risk anyone else getting sick. We had an easter egg hunt with Grammie and Pap-Pap in the front yard (pics to come) and then went to church Easter morning and I-Hop. Then we hung out with Aunt TT and Uncle Fritz. We'll celebrate Easter/my birthday with Uncle Todd and Aunt Angela and Eli this weekend.

Poor Mady has a had a fever the last few days and has been miserable and coughing. We decided to take her to the doctors again today. Turns out they want her to get a chest x-ray for possible pneumonia (again). She also has a lot of air in her belly from the virus, which is causing her pain. In addition to that her I-teeth are coming in causing even more pain.

I can only hope that summer = far less sickness in our house and happy, pain-free toddlers!