Monday, September 26, 2011

We're 3!

And we've all made it fairly well :D

Emma and Madelyn had their 3 year well visit on their birthday. They did, unfortunately, have to get flu shots, but they did well! Mady even took the 4-5 year old eye exam since the eye doc said she made need glasses. She did so great and tested well. No glasses yet. Emma tried it too, but like a typical 3 year old, she lost interest after the second line. They were amazed at Mady who completed it all with both eyes.

Here's the stats:

32 lbs
37.25" tall
Pees on potty, still trying to get her to consistently poop on the potty.

Favorite/most used expressions: 
Aww, come on guys.
What did you say?
That is so silly.
You smell that?

Favorite food:
Mac & Cheese

Favorite book:
Brown Bear, Tangled

What we think she'll grow up to be:
Doctor or Engineer

30 lbs
38.25" tall
Fully potty trained (most days)

Favorite/most used expressions: 
That's awesome.
I love <insert everything and anyone> soo much.
I want a snack.
Is that spicy?
I didn't mean to.
Mady did it. ;)

Favorite food:
Note: This kid eats ANYTHING! :)

Favorite books:
My Mama is a Llama, The Very Hungry Catepillar

What we think she'll grow up to be:

Nurse or Actress

Favorite movies/shows for both:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Wizard of Oz, Annie, Tangled, Yo Gabba Gabba, Bubble Guppies, Dungston Checks In

Favorite activites:
Reading, watching movies, playing outside on the slide and see-saw, sidewalk chalk, playing with dolls and barbies, play-doh, painting, visiting the zoo.


Varies. Sometimes 8:30 on the weekend! YAY!

Monday/Tuesday - Grandma/Pap-Pap
Wednesday/Thursday - School
Friday - Home with Mommy

We had the big birthday bash this weekend and I'm hoping to get through all the pictures soon so I can post them as well as a little more about the party. The girls had a blast and that night Mady asked if we could do it all again.