Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I can't even express how important a support system is with infertility, preemies and having multiples. Anyone who hasn't been through what you have can never fully understand. I recently re-joined a group of multiple mothers that are just amazing. Even though I know only one in real life, they are great friends and a great support. They are support for being preemie parents as well, as a high percentage of multiple are born premature. This is still hard for me especially from Feb-May as we raise money for March of Dimes. I fought through everything while the girls were there. I stayed strong. Surprisingly strong. But now, I find myself thinking a lot about those 63 days and really "getting" that we are so, so lucky. I remember the first time I went in at 26 weeks. I remember the chair the NICU doctor sat in to explain to me  that my children may or may not have survived if they were born that day. And the shock and fear when the doctor told me at 29 weeks that we needed to induce. Now. I'm sitting here typing this in tears. Shouldn't I be ecstatic that the girls are here and are okay? I am. And I am so, so grateful. This is one of my huge fears about having another child. I just read a statistic that I'm at a 55% chance of having another preemie. And then I think of friends that have lost a child. And that brings me to tears. Friends of ours lost their baby boy only a short time after he was born. His twin sister is a thriving, beautiful 2 year old. They were born a few weeks early than the girls.

When we went through infertility, we joined a support group at the hospital and meet 4 incredible couples that we have been lucky to have befriended. We try to get together once a month to keep tabs. Most of us now have kids, but for those that don't we are there for them. Two couples have even had success with a second child. It's truly amazing, as most of us were told it would never happen for us.

I guess this was a little random, but I just pulled up google analytics and saw just how many of you read my blog. If you are reading this and you are going through anything... infertility, prematurity, having multiples, whatever it may be. Seek out support. It's there. No one should ever feel alone. I talked to a friend about this a few months ago and she sent me an amazing thank you note after she and her husband started attending a local support group in her town.

My vow and mini update.

I vow to start getting my camera out again. I can't even remember the last time I took pictures of the girls who are turning into these incredible preschoolers before my very eyes. And video too!

We're all sick right now, so I've been just trying to keep up. I've been swamped at work, at home with freelance and still trying to push Lil' LJ further along. And of course, always making time for the girls. Mady had some trouble breathing Sunday night, but seems to be doing better.

Friday, the girls have their 30 month evaluation with the developmentalist. We'll graduate in 6 months from the program! I will update after Friday.

And on a side note, we've decided to take a trip to our NICU with some pizza within the next few weeks. I'm hoping it will cheer up the families to see our girls and hear about how far they've come. I also know that it's so hard to remember to eat and to find the time to eat while spending all of your time at the NICU. I'm thinking about taking in some onesies as well.

Our March of Dimes donation count is now at $945. Don't forget to donate and get entered into the drawing for a free onesie!!