Wednesday, March 10, 2010

18 months : We are now a binkie-free house.

It almost makes me sad that my girls are big enough to not need them anymore. Last Thursday, we forgot to pack the girls binkies for daycare and they napped without them. I decided if they could do it there, we were going to do it at home. The first night was about 45 minutes of crying and gradually reduced every night. The girls may not sleep through the night now, but bed time hardly ever meant tears. Naps are a little more of a struggle without binkies too, but they are getting used to it. I'm so proud of them and us for not giving in!

As far as our nights... I have no idea why Mady is waking up. She usually wakes screaming sometime after 12am. Last night she made it until 5am. Once she cuddles next to me she is fine. Emma usually wakes up around the 4-5am mark and wants to cuddle as well. I'm hoping this is a little phase and will pass. While I love the cuddle time, it's very hard to sleep with two toddlers sleeping with you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My talkers

The girls prime "talking" time is with a full belly and in the car. I caught quite a conversation yesterday. Emma starts off and then Miss Mady starts chiming in. The quality isn't so great, so you might have to hike up the speakers a bit.