Thursday, March 26, 2009

Follow up Liver scan

The doctor at radiology said that everything looked about the same, which is good. Next up: head/chest MRI/MRA next week.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Have I mentioned they have found their voices? As I sit here, Emma is screaming with delight. She now spends 1/2 hour in her crib in the morning babbling away. Mady screams as well, a little more than Emma, but only seems to babble when she is very happy, comfy and sleepy.

The girls are both getting closer and closer to sitting up. They can both maintain the gorilla sit (hands on ground in front of them) for a good 30sec-1 min.

Random Pics

Eating each other's toes is always a great way to pass the time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

NICU 6 month follow up

We all went into Magee today for the girls 6 month developmental checkup. It went very well. She's really happy with the girls progress. However, they want to see us back again in 4 months. She wants Madelyn to see a physical therapist as well. She's apparently "tight". And we think it may be from her restricting some of her movement during her painful ulcerations of her hemangiomas.

We stopped back at the NICU afterwards to visit the doctors and nurses that took care of them for the 63 day stay there. Unfortunatley, it was around lunchtime, so only a few familiar faces were avaialable. Dr. McCarrin was not in today. He was their neonatologist. Hopefully we'll see alot of the nurses at the NICU reunion at the zoo in June.

Right before we left the zoo, a complete stranger came up and started talking to Christian while I was paying for our parking. So far this has happened the few times we've been out. Twins are apparently very intriguing. I watched her touch Madelyn 3 times. What gives a complete stranger the right to touch my baby? And why is there such a need to have to touch?!

Right now my concern is fitting in all of our appointments when I return to work full time in May. It'll be a 4 day week, leaving me with only Fridays to fit in pediatric appts, optomology, dermatology, repeat liver ultrasounds, developmentalists, physical therapy and occupational therapy. And what's funny was, my original thoughts were that this would be a day to take the girls to play dates and various fun activities! I have no idea how this is going to work, but I guess we always figure it out!