Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Beautiful Babies with Strong Heartbearts!

We saw our twins heartbeats on Friday. It was truly amazing. I was called back by myself so that the nurse could get the babies measurements, etc. She asked if I wanted to know before Christian came back and I said no. It was very hard to lie there not knowing!

Christian came back and she turned the screen to show us our 2 amazing little ones! We could see the yolk sacs for both and the heartbeats. We were even able to hear them this early. That is something you never forget! We squeezed each others hands so hard and smiled from ear to ear.

As for the possible third, she still saw a little spot there, but there was no sac, heartbeat, etc. so it is most likely a cyst or something else, but definitely not a third baby.

We are so happy to be expecting twins. It's still all very surreal. Last night for my birthday we went out and bought me a Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow and a Pregnancy Journal. It was wonderful to be walking around Babies R Us as expectant parents.

I will post the ultrasound pictures soon.

I'm 35 today! UGH!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Telling Christian the news...

I went home early on our beta day to get our news. I was home around 2pm and checked my message when I got home. After my hour of tears and disbelief, I calmed myself down and headed to CVS. Christian was coming home around 6pm and we made a pact that we would not talk via phone because I didn't want him to know anything before he got home.

I picked up a pregnancy test. Yes, I already knew I was pregnant, but to see "pregnant" pop up on a pregnancy test after 27 months of negatives is priceless!

Then, I went upstairs and got the quote balloon that I had made the first month we started trying. When you first start out, you always assume it'll work the first time!

Then I made and printed out a banner that said "Daddy, I/We Can't Wait to Meet You... Love, Lil' LJ(s). It was plural because I knew from our betas number that multiples was a very high probability.

When he came through the door, I was crying and he got worried and went to hug me and I held up one finger and then two and I shook my head yes. Then he looked past me and saw the banner and was full of emotion. He laughed and cried for what seemed like an hour. We'll never forget how we felt on that day.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

5 weeks 5 days pregnant

How amazing! These lil' guys are definitely making themselves known. I am hungry alot! The nurse made it clear that if I'm hungry, my babies are hungry, so I've been eating when my body tells me to. I'm trying to do that healthfully though. We went out yesterday and bought tons of fruit juices and V8 Splash. With twins, I'm supposed to take in way more vegetables than I can possibly eat. I'm also very tired and have been taking naps after work. I can't believe how early all this is happening. I do hear with twins that symptoms and showing are about 3 weeks ahead of a singleton.

I will get around to posting the banner I made for Christian, hopefully tomorrow. We started taking our baby belly shots and I'll be posting those occasionally as well.

Friday is when we get to see the heartbeats and it seems like an eternity from now. I'm going to take our camera with hopes of getting them on video. Everyone we know is on pins and needles waiting to see how many heartbeats we'll see.