Tuesday, April 29, 2008

11 weeks!

Our lil' ones are now each about 1-1/2 inches from head to bottom and weigh about 1/4 ounce each. They are each about the size of a fig, with their heads still about 1/2 of the total body size. They finally look like little babies with fully formed fingers and toes. They are kicking and stretching and the movements will become more frequent in the coming weeks. They also may have hiccups from their diaphragm that is now forming.

I'm still feeling sick, and I'm anxiously awaiting the day I wake up and feel great! On the days I feel a little better, I'm trying to walk on the elliptical machine. I'm also doing prenatal yoga once a week, which I love! Hopefully soon, I can start eating more veggies. That is one thing the kiddos really don't like right now.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Heard the heartbeats again today!

I had a tiny, tiny bit of blood this morning, so the doctor had me come in for a check-up. Everything looks great! I could hear their heartbeats with the doppler. It took a little longer to find the second one, but she found it. 160bpm and 150bpm. Perfect! There is a slight possibility that the blood is from a low lying placenta. We'll know that after our ultrasound next Tuesday. If that's the case, they basically just watch you and hope that it raises as your body makes more room for it.

She also told me today that is completely our decision if we want a vaginal vs. c-section. She said of course, even if we start off with a plan to do vaginal, that can change at any moment. I think I want to plan for vaginal. From what I hear, c-section recovery is hard!