Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good News

We took Madelyn to the liver doctor at Children's today. We feel pretty good after this appointment. He says he doesn't necessarily classify her hemangiomas as very large, so at this point, he's just wanting to keep an eye on them. There are slight risks to all treatments. He ordered some additional blood work to make sure that they are indeed benign tumors (they call all hemangiomas tumors). I thought we already knew this, but apparently not. He's also testing her thyroid. Hypothyroid is fairly common with hepatic hemangiomas. He's hopeful that they are the largest that they will be and that they will receed and calcify and will not cause her any issues. We were told to have the pediatrician check her liver at her appointments and we are to keep an eye out for symptoms of her heart working to hard. Sweating, shortness of breath and decrease in eating are all signs to look for. If we notice these, he wants us to follow up with the pediatrician.

He said her scan was a full abdominal scan and they did not see any hemangiomas in any other locations. I'm going to inquire with our pediatrician about the possibility of any of these being anywhere outside of the abdominal area, such as the brain. We know she has those two cysts on her brain from an MRI she had at 2 months. My question is whether those could be hemangiomas or not.

All in all, good news. Next on the schedule is her plastic surgeon appt on Friday for the ulcerated hemangioma on her shoulder. She is such a trooper through all of this!