Friday, August 22, 2008

Latest plan of action

Dr. Moore came in to see me today. She thinks I might be okay to go home, but would like to keep me through the weekend. Everyone will be fully staffed again for the week and she'd feel better after a few more days of testing. My test this morning showed some more irritability, but not contractions. She thinks upping the meds will keep me stable for a little while longer. She was going to talk to one of my other doctors to get her thoughts. So, hopefully I'll remain stable, go home on Monday and keep these babies cooking for at least a few more weeks. I think I'm comfortable going home now. I think I know what to look for and what is the norm. I have also been reassured several times that no phone call is a stupid call and that I need to remain proactive. I will be 28 weeks on Tuesday! :)

Christian met with the pediatrician for me this morning and feels pretty comfortable with her. We were told we needed to get one picked out before they come along!

Next on the list is to visit the last 2 daycares on our list so that we can get our deposit in. Without putting down a deposit we run the risk of no one having room for our kiddos!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staying put a few more days.

Doc wants me to stay at least a few more days to be monitored. Last night I had cramping for 2 hours. When they put me on the monitor, it only showed irritablity. This morning, I went for my daily NST (non-stress test) and had a bunch of contractions. The kicker is I only felt 3 and those were the ones that topped the graph. So, she wants to remain conservative. They upped my meds to help prevent preterm labor from every 6 to every 4 hours. I think she wants to see what kind of effect that will have. My cervix still remains unchanged, which is great.

I'm upset, as I had high hopes for leaving today, but I know this is best for the babies. I guess I need to start making up a list of things that need done at the house since I don't know when/if I'll be home to talk Christian through it all. I have lots to keep me busy here, but I have so much that needs done at home and I miss my husband and kitties.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

27 weeks

Wow, we are really happy and thankful to be making it to another milestone. Of course, we aren't out of the woods by any means and will feel so much better when the title of the blog entry reads "30 weeks".

The babies now weigh a little over 2 lbs. and measure almost 14.5 inches from head to heel. Their facial features are almost fully developed and apparently during an ultrasound we may be able to spot them making faces! The skin is becoming thicker and fleshier. The brains are continuing their rapid growth and the lungs are continuing to develop.

They are acting even more like newborns now by opening and closing their eyes, sleeping and waking at regular intervals and maybe even sucking a finger. I started feeling hiccups yesterday. It's so cute!

The doctor stopped in and asked if I wanted to go home tomorrow. Of course I do! Is it the right decision? I would hope they wouldn't let me go unless it was okay. She's going to talk it over with tomorrow's doctor, but thinks that I've been stable for long enough. She feels better knowing that I've been having some cramping here and hopes that I will be able to detect more severe cramping or longer periods of cramping which may mean things are changing. She said I need to know that I may be back here in in a few days or weeks having to stay again... it just all depends on what happens. She repeated again that this not a typical pregnancy. At the same time, because this is my first pregnancy, she feels that I will have time when things start rolling. That's my fear, to feel something too late or not get to the hospital soon enough. They want me to call with anything, wanting be safe rather than sorry. I told her I am definitely still worried, but I know that I will do nothing more than I am doing here at home so that I can keep these babies in as long as possible. We'll see how I do at home. If I had any change, I would want to stay.

In the meantime at home, our poor kitty is sick. He's going through kidney failure. He had been doing pretty good, but last night he peed in a clothes basket and Christian saw him eating cat litter. These are signs that he may not be doing so well right now. After doing some reading last night, I think he might also be having small seizures as he tends to "space out" a lot. I so badly want to be home with him. The worst thing would be for us to have to put him to sleep without me seeing him again. He's the sweetest cat and he's only 7 years old. We love you Giger, our lil' buddy!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Thank you so much for all of your prayers and well wishes! While this is definitely not easy, we're doing well.

As of my talk with the doctor this morning, I will probably not be leaving tomorrow and she wouldn't give me a day. I guess it depends on what happens day to day. I'm really sad about this because I had my mind set on leaving tomorrow and going home to my husband. I can't express how much I miss him. He does come in every day, but it's obviously not the same. Especially going through this not even being able to hold each other at night.

Due to my uterine irritability (mini-contractions) and some cramping last night, they may up my dosage of the medication I'm taking to help prevent labor. Even though this irritability can be perfectly normal, in some cases it can affect the cervix, and we can't afford that at this point. The doctor was glad that I felt some cramping because they need to know that my body will tell me when it's contracting or progressing. My cervix measured the same this morning, which is great. That's what we need...stability for at least 3 more weeks.

I'm not stir crazy yet! While I'm so thankful for all my visitors, I'm actually looking forward to a day or two without. But, that's the introvert in me :) I know that by this weekend, if I'm still here, I will want visitors.

Tomorrow is 27 weeks for our lil' ones, so I'll have my usual weekly update on what the kids are up to in their development.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Babies LOVE their daddy!

Christian came and stayed with us last night. It's amazing how much better I slept with him in the room. The babies will now kick their daddy upon command. It's absolutely adorable. He lays his head on baby A and says "okay, baby A, this is daddy...give me a kick" and it works! I think they know how much he loves them and they know he's the one that reads stories to them every night... the only way they can show him their love is with their tiny kicks. We can also see them moving around now in my belly!

All else is good so far... remaining stable. I've accepted that this is where I need to be right now, but I am excited to go home Tuesday! I did have a tiny scare today during my non-stress test today. I guess one of the babies was not being as responsive as they would have liked. They hooked me up again later and said everything was good. They did mention uterine irritablity again. I guess it's like a bunch of mini-contractions. I'm going to get more info from the doctor about that tomorrow. I know they mentioned this the day I was admitted.