Monday, February 4, 2008

The Mommy Mobile

After a few months of research and two weekends of car shopping... I'm the proud owner of a mommy mobile. So, I'm sure this means the IVF will work this time :) So much for the days of no car payments!

My Fertility Bracelet

I LOVE it! My friend Gretchen from an infertility board I'm on made it for me. I feel even more hopeful wearing it!

You can check out her designs here:
Gretchen Leigh Designs

Sunday, February 3, 2008

IVF #3 Here We Go...

We had our appointment with the RE on Thursday to go over our protocol for IVF #3. The only thing that he could offer to do differently this time is to give me the full HcG shot instead of 1/2. The last two times I had high estrogen levels so in order to avoid OHSS (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome), they gave me only 1/2 of the trigger shot to ovulate (HcG). He's thinking it might help for more mature eggs which may result in better egg quality thus better embryo quality.

My acupuncturist is worried about my thyroid levels and the RE is more than happy to check those again. The last time was April of 07.

We're excited to move forward however... after our appt. I called the coordinator to set up the IVF and she informed me that in order to do this mid-February, we have to get all of our testing in ASAP. There is a slight chance we might have to postpone another month if the timing doesn't work out. My sonohystegram is set for Feb. 11. If I get my period before then, we have to wait...

The timing is one of the most stressful parts about this whole thing. You can't just push something back a week... you have to wait an entire month due to our cycles! The RE agreed with us that we need to get this done ASAP while my body is still in good shape after surgery.

We are both praying that the timing works out for us! Or of course, if we found out we were pregnant before then that wouldn't be too bad either! :)