Friday, March 21, 2008

We're Finally Pregnant!

I've been trying to wait until we got to tell everyone we know in person, but I just can't wait! After 2.5 years, 1 IUI and 3IVFs we are pregnant with TWINS! There is a slight chance we may have triplets. You'll see in the ultrasound below 2 large areas which are the twins sacs. There is one more area that may be a sac or could be a cyst or blood vessel. At the time of the ultrasound we were 5weeks, which is too early to see the heartbeats. We will be going back Monday the 28th and will be able to see the heartbeats and know how many babies we will be blessed with.

We totally expected twins but it was still shocking none the less! We are so happy that our dream is finally coming true for us. We've been through so much to get to this point. It's still early, but I feel so positive and everything is going so well so far.

Our lil' ones are due November 18th. With twins, that will probably be a little sooner. I will update again after our next ultrasound and will be posting some pictures from the day I told Christian.

The feeling of finally getting a positive phone call after a beta is indescribable. I was alone at home and cried for an hour straight. I even called the nurses back and made them repeat to me that I was pregnant! It has been so much fun to slowly spread the news to everyone that has been thinking of us and praying for us.

Here's a picture of our beautiful lil' ones!