Monday, July 11, 2011

Ah... Potty Training

Emma has been successfully trained to pee on the potty for maybe 2 months now? She will still not poop on the potty. She usually holds it until she comes home from daycare or my parents house and then poops in her underwear or asks for a diaper. Not fun cleanup up, but the poor girl is usually constipated, so I guess it could be worse. I'm not even sure how we got it to work for her. She had plenty of accidents and I wanted to give up a million times. We focused on her first because she had interest in it and really wanted to wear big girl underwear. It probably took us a good 2-3 weeks of trying before it stuck. Some kids do it in a weekend. Not mine :)

Mady is a different story. She has had no interest and I haven't wanted to push. They will be 3 in September though and I think it's time. We've let her run around in underwear a few times and she spent most of the weekend in them when we were home. She had one accident and no successful peeing on the potty. The poor girl did try very hard 3 times yesterday. I think she's got a big bladder because she is never wet in the morning (Emma always is) and it seems like she can go 3 hours or so without peeing.

I've now resort to bribery. I let them sit down with me and look at Barbie dolls on Toys r If Mady pees on the potty, I told her I'd take her out day or night no matter what time to go get one :) And if Emma poops on the potty, she gets hers. I know of course, that I will give in and buy them both one of the other achieves one of these. I figure I can use Barbie accessories as the next goal.

Wish us luck - we'll need it!