Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July's pictures


Nothing much new. Planning the girls birthday party and planning our trip to Myrtle.

Emma's first tooth is up and out! The girls are doing great. They seem to have a new black and blue mark every day from trying to pull up to stand on everything and anything they can. Right now they are obsessed with the tv/stereo equipment. I wonder how long we'll have before that ends? Madelyn will climb mountains to get to it. The last two days, Mady has crawled after us crying when we leave her at daycare. I really hope it's a short phase. It's heartbreaking!

This weekend the girls and I are going to a wedding shower. Should be interesting... especially since it falls during a mealtime. I'm a little nervous because the girls are no longer happy sitting. They want to be on the move ALL THE TIME!