Monday, July 6, 2009

Crawling and taking steps!

The girls have started taking assisted steps and are doing really well. They LOVE it. Emma has officially started crawling and can move pretty fast across the floor. Guess it's time to get those baby gates up! We keep forgetting to catch this on video!

We had a very long and fun weekend. Christian's brother and sister-n-law were in town with their twin girls, Abby and Izzy. We went to Idlewild park, the zoo, had some cookouts and our girls were baptized on Sunday (I'll post pictures soon)! We were lucky enough to have the entire Mayer clan here for the girls big day. We are so thankful that everyone was able to be here. We didn't brave the fireworks this year, but they did get to see some mini fireworks and Uncle Fritz's. Emma was sleeping, but Mady was very intrigued. While at Idlewild, the had their first carousel ride and loved it. Then they got to do it again at the zoo :)

During our trip to Idlewild we had our first "choking" incident. Mady got a hold of a penny. We didn't even realize she was choking. She was coughing and her eyes were watering. I patted her back a few times and she seemed fine. I then started feeding her solids and a penny fell out of her mouth! We were so very, very lucky! We are also now going to be very paranoid every time we hear them cough from here on out.

The girls were so exhausted from their weekend that they slept until 10am today and then took a 2.5 hour nap! Unfortunately, it looks like Mady is getting sick again. Her poor little nose was running non-stop today. Her 2nd and 3rd teeth are now in!