Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And other one bites the dust.

And another one. Yep, all 3 Mayer girls - SICK. Mady seemed to be feeling better, but then started getting congested and coughing. Sunday her nose was running like crazy and she sounded horrible. Thankfully though, no fever. Emma started running a fever on Friday and was better on Saturday. She is stuffed up and coughing as well but no where near as bad as Mady. I actually took Mady to the ER on Sunday. Dr. wanted her lungs listened to since they were an issue for her in the NICU. She sounded great, so we were sent home with no advice but to be diligent in our hand washing to avoid passing this round and round.

I started feeling sick Sunday and am sitting at my desk at work waiting for the okay to head home and take a nap. Horrible cough, headache, runny nose, swollen glands, the works. It doesn't help that both girls are miserable and want to sleep with us. Emma and I basically kept each other up all night coughing. We had just re-broken Emma of sleeping with us in the middle of the night when this bug hit and messed us up again.

Hopefully everyone will start feeling good again soon!