Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New St. Patty's Day Designs

Some new Lil' LJ designs for St. Patrick's Day!

Cool feature on PoshLittle.com


Thanks to Posh Little for this great review. I love this blog!

Yep, now they both have it.

We took Mady for her pedi follow up and took Emma along, as she started with a fever yesterday and has been coughing for weeks. Turns out they both have pneumonia. They are both on antibiotics and Mady has a breathing treatment because she is wheezing. We have a re-check on Friday. I have to take a sick day tomorrow to stay home with them since they can't go to daycare, nor would I want them to when they aren't feeling well. I'm hoping by tomorrow, the fevers will be gone and they can attend daycare on Thursday. We really, really need to find a back-up for the days the girls can't go to daycare for whatever reason. It's Feb 16th and I've already used 1/2 vacation day and now one of only 3 sick days. Christian has stayed home with them as well. It's a little easier for him to work from home IF he's not busy because you can't work from home with twins. Working from home for him means working from the time I get home from work thru the wee hours of the morning to get caught up :(

Anyway, Mady had a bad night and Emma woke up screaming around 5am with a fever. The go up and down with how they feel overall. They were basically running and babbling the whole time at the doctors office, but you can always tell just by looking in Mady's eyes how she is really feeling. Yesterday she was very needy and so was Emma.

We need healthy kids to attend Eli's big first birthday bash on Saturday! I'm so worried about any underlying issues that cause Mady to get sick as much as she does. I just keep getting told that they are toddlers and they are in daycare. That sums it up!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I received a call from daycare on Friday that Madelyn was running, tripped and smacked her head HARD off of a table. When I picked her up, she had a horrible egg and black and blue mark but was acting fine. I woke her once that night just to make sure there were no signs of concussion. Saturday night she started squinting like she either had a headache OR was trying to focus. Sunday this continued and she started having a fever and slept the entire day. I called the pedi, thinking that the fever was irrelevant, but I really didn't feel right about the eyes. She told me it was completely up to us and we decided to take her to the ER. 5 hours later she was diagnosed via chest xray with Pneumonia. I am so used to her having fevers that I would have never taken her in after one day of fever. And while I thought her breathing was a little labored, I figured it was from the fever.

So, we left with no head x-ray and yet another antibiotic. Miss Mady has been on antibiotics basically non-stop for the last several months due to ear infections. This kiddo seriously needs a break. And so do mommy and daddy. Even though she's with Grandma and Grandpa today, I had a horrible time leaving her. When your child is sick, you just want to hug and comfort them!

Meanwhile, I was going to call the nurses today to ask about Emma because she has had a cough for several weeks that just recently changed and she coughed up some mucus yesterday. Tomorrow, we're taking both girls in. Hopefully Mady won't need any breathing treatments and hopefully Emma doesn't have it as well.

We need a quick recovery because cousin Eli's first birthday bash is this weekend!