Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Potty? Really?

The girls have one potty that I introduced to them a few months ago. It sat in the cupboard and every once in awhile, Emma would follow me into the bathroom get it out and pee along with mommy (Fully dressed). This weekend, Ms Emma expressed that she had to "poop" and begged to get into the bathroom to use the potty. Sure enough, she pooped and peed. Now, some of the pee didn't quite make into the potty because she was actually pretty freaked out. The next day, Ms Mady told me she had to pee and sure enough, she peed.

I'm not ready for this! I should be happy, but we're going on a road trip from Pittsburgh to Myrtle Beach in Sept and I don't want to have to worry about pit stops! I bought another potty yesterday and we're just going to casually see what happens. I foresee Emma making this into a little game, because now she always wants to be on the potty. :)

The new house is great and the girls love it. A great backyard to run around in and a deck. They are always asking to go "ouwside". The also love running around in the basement.

They are talking more and more every day and growing likes weeds. This Friday we're taking them on their first real train ride! As I always promise, I will post new pictures soon. The move has us even more behind on things we were already behind on!

I'd love some potty advice if anyone has any!