Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here Comes Santa!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Walking and Talking? What?

Mady has been working very, very hard through tears at her physical therapy appts and thanks to Mary, our therapist, Madelyn is now a walker! She took 20 steps for Mary on Friday and has been walking since. She's so very, very proud of herself. Granted, she still crawls from time to time since it gets her from A to B much faster. Now, we need to work on Miss Emma. She tends to try to walk too fast, which just leads to a lot of falls!

The girls have been saying Mama and Dada for awhile now. Mady has been saying "wass tha?" Now we think they are repeating or trying to repeat a lot of what we say. Mady said Pap-Pap this morning and Emma said car Saturday night. We think Emma says Ki-Ki for Kitty. It's so cute. They now "pretend" to go night-night when we put a pillow down and Mady says "awww" while she does it. Emma gives hugs and kisses to her stuffed animals and the cats.

They are getting taller and braver which led me to empty most of my shelves in our living room. Anything they shouldn't get into, they somehow do. I could sit for hours and just watch them interact, talk, climb and take steps.