Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's time raise some money again and beat last year's earnings!


Click on the link above to help us help babies again this year. Emma and Mady are here today and doing so incredibly well due to the March of Dimes and their research. Mady received several cutting edge procedures that she might not have gotten otherwise.

Through my business, Lil' LJ, we donate a portion of our sales. BUT we need help with the rest!! Anyone that donates will be sent a coupon from Lil' LJ as a thank you and as we get closer to the march date, we will have a giveaway and all those who donate will be entered.

Live in Pittsburgh? Then join us for the walk. Be part of it all and see and hear what your money does for families. Details are at the above link. Can't wait to share this day with you all again. And don't forget you'll get a slammin' TEAM EMMA & MADY tee :)

Our Holiday Card

This years' holiday card - didn't think I was going to have the time to pull it off, but somehow I did. The girls did NOT want to cooperate in the short time span. Got some cute shots anyway!

Click on the link above to see some of my other design work!

The diagnosis?

I have a small cyst on my right ovary. Small enough that they don't think it's why I'm having these "symptoms". I was given a script for physical therapy and I have actually heard that it does help some women, so of course I'll try it. The thing is trying to find the time for it.

And speaking of trying to find the time... I have tons of photos to go through from Christmas. The girls had a blast. So did we. Maybe, just maybe, between aunts and uncles, grandparents and us, they got a little too many gifts. Yes, it's possible!

The girls are talking up a storm and using the potty a little more. Emma asks to use it throughout the day and Mady will sometimes follow suit. For whatever reason, going in the public bathrooms when we are out seems to be exciting for them. YUCK!

The poop smearing has slowed down a bit (knock on wood). This just as I finally came up for a solution that I have yet to try. I was told to basically not react, just tell them (mostly Emma) that it's not okay and it's yucky. Then, instead of a nice toasty bath followed by play time, I'm going to use cool water and NO play time. Sounds easy enough right?

On the home front, we are slowly painting, updating lighting, etc. I would love to post about that as well... eventually! Lil' LJ is now in store in wexford, pa! I've only sold one shirt in the 3 weeks I've been in there, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? In the meantime online sales really shot up in the last year. I only need make 10x the amount to quit the day job :)

Pics to come from Christmas and as I always promise, hopefully more updates!!