Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No more excuses.

How many times have I probably had this same post title? I started this blog for me, but also for anyone else like me. Maybe you have Endometriosis. Maybe you have twins. Maybe you went/are going through infertility. Maybe you had preemies. But mostly I started this for me. I have a horrible memory. I want to remember as much as possible about these years. The girls are also at an age where they LOVE to look at this blog and look back at the pictures of when they were babies.

Let me just get out my excuses and then I'll move on :)  I work 4 days a week at my "day job". This month I currently have 4 freelance projects going on. I own my own business (Lil' LJ) in which I also do all the design, production and marketing. I have a home that needs tended to. Thank GOD Christian does most of the cooking. Oh yes, and I also have 3 year old twins. I also am a project-aholic. I can't stop assigning myself new things to do. This week I am putting together the girls new big girls twin beds which probably will entail moving rooms and painting. Yes, they'll still sleep in the same room. There is no way they'd go for being separated yet. We're also going to work on Valentine's day gifts for their friends. Did I mention I have no time? Then there is the social world. I can't get enough of Facebook and Pinterest. I have this blog, I have a blog for Lil' LJ that I haven't touched in months and then I have my design blog.


I am following a decluttering calendar that last all year. Every day there is one mostly minor thing to work on and organize in the house. If I can do that (which I am) than I can certainly promise that I will post once a week with pictures. Even if it's two lines. Thanksgiving flew by. I can't even remember if I posted about it. We drove to Chicago. The drive sucked but we had so much fun and the girls adore their 5 year old twin cousins. I mean adore.

Christmas was awesome. They really "get" everything now. It's just amazing. We made a special key for santa to enter our house, as we have no chimney. They loved every minute of the holiday. Here's a few pictures and I WILL post every Friday. I WILL.