Friday, January 16, 2009

Crawling? No way, we're skipping that.

Emma now LOVES to bear weight on her legs and "stand up". She just can't get enough. Madelyn likes to stand up as well, but Emma is just obsessed! They also seem to be noticing each other a little more. Madelyn smiles when she sees Emma.

Oh Madelyn.

I took Madelyn to the dermatologist this morning. Her ulcerated hemangioma (on her thigh) is looking worse not better. The doctor wants her on an ointment that is often used for diabetics with foot ulcers. It's an extremely expensive medication that may not be covered by our insurance. If it is not covered, she will be put on steroids. The steroids can cause many side effects including weakening her immune system which is so not good for a preemie. It's causing her pain and just looks awful. The oinmtnent that we are to try first has a warning on it that it may cause cancer. The doctor explained that the studies were done on elderly diabetics who are naturally more prone to cancers and that we should not be conerned, but he wanted us to be aware of the warning. He said hundereds of children have been on it in the US without issue. I just hope in 30 years we don't find out that it does indeed cause cancer. Not treating it isn't an option as it can become far worse. It's making me a little sick to my stomach right now.

UPDATE: I just found the information on the drug. It's not that it causes cancer. They thought there may have been a connection to the mortality of those with cancer and using that drug. But it seems they really can't prove a connection for sure.