Thursday, April 23, 2009

Time is just flying past!

My days and weeks are a blur. I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.

The girls had their last Synagis shot this morning for RSV. We are so glad to be done with those. At their weigh-in, I noticed that Emma's weight didn't seem any higher. The nurse looked up her weights for me and we realized in one month she had only gained 2oz. So, we have to go back in 2 weeks for another weight check. I'm not sure what tests they would do if she still doesn't gain. The interesting thing is that Emma has never been a good eater. However, in the last few weeks, she's been eating wonderfully and now eats just as much as Mady. Madelyn is now 16lbs, 14oz. and Emma is only 13lbs, 12oz.

Oh, and that Emma... for almost two weeks now, she has not been sleeping through the night. After 2.5 months of them going to bed at 8:45 and sleeping until 7:30, this has been really hard on all of us. She wakes up between 11 and 12 screaming. We try to let her cry it out, maybe 3 or 4 times for 5-10 minutes. She instantly calms when we hold her and she will fall fast asleep. As soon as we put her down in the crib, she starts screaming again. We can't let her cry it out much longer than this, because she wakes up Madelyn. We took her to the doctors last week, and they said it's probably just that she's at that stage when she wakes up, she gets scared and wants her mom or dad. Both of them are giving us a hard time with naps too. We could easily count on one good 2 hour nap and 2 other short naps. Now, we are lucky to get one good one. It's been very hard on Grandma and Grandpa this week!

I've been wondering if it has any coorelation to us switching to powdered formula. I think we made the switch very close to when this all started happening. A friend from high school gave me 22 cans she had left over, so I HAD to switch. That vs. $7.50 per 32oz bottle of ready to feed. You do the math on that one! I guess we are going to switch back for a few days, just to see if it has anything to do with Emma's lack of sleep.

I hope to post more soon, as the girls are doing so much and are so aware of everything around them. It's amazing to see things through their eyes and how exciting the littlest things are.