Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Babies!

We took the girls to see santa this weekend and it just so happened to be the first major snowfall of the season! We waited about 1.5 hours to see him. Apparently, his name was legally changed to Santa Claus and the mall here flies him out from Denver every year. The guy was great. Really took time with each of the families and sat and talked to the kids. He told me about his friends who are married and are each a twin. She was pregnant 3 times and has 7 kids. You do the math!

We really thought Emma would cry, since she tends to be the more anxious of the two, but as soon as we sat Mady down she lost it. Poor girl. Emma just sat there and after we picked up Mady, Santa and Emma had a precious few moments together.

When we came home, we got a few good shots out in the snow with our new camera.

Somehow I managed to bake some cookies last night and will be making sugar cookies tonight. Still need to get the house in order for Christmas lunch!

Hope everyone has a great holiday... can't wait to report back with pics about the girls 2nd Christmas.