Saturday, January 3, 2009

December in pictures

Madeyln's Hemangioma

We had an appointment with the pediatric opthamologist yesterday regarding Mady's eye. It is definitely a cause for concern and we have to take her every 2 weeks. The growth will push in her eye and cause her eye shape to change. She does have a sigmatism in each eye, but not enough to require glasses as of yet. The doctor says this is the time that it will grow and grow rapidly. She wants us to call if we notice her eyelid covering any of her pupil and/or if that eye becomes lazy. If any of these happen, they will put her on an oral steroid. There are of course side effects. The biggest one being the chance of it stunting her growth. For any child that's not good... especially a preemie. She did say that it would only be stunted during treatment. The other alternative is surgery. However, because it's not a solid area, it's not easy to remove and can bleed alot. We are really hoping that it stops growth and we don't have to explore those options.

Big Girls!

Madelyn and Emma are now wearing size 3-6 month clothing! I can't believe it. I look back at their tiny preemie clothing and I can't believe how big they are. They are both now obsessed with their hands and trying to get their thumbs into their mouths. It's so funny to watch them and how hard they try.

The developmentalist was out yesterday and worked on a few things with them. Our homework is to put them in the Bumbo chairs to work on their head/neck control, as well as tummy time. Also, we need to practice grasping objects. The girls will hold on to their little blankies but will not yet reach out and grasp a rattle. She thinks they are doing great and will help us work on the areas where they may be a little behind.

Oohhh and Emma might be started to teeth!?!!

Fresh Air?!

Last week we had a 65° day here and were able to put our girls in their stroller for the first time and take them for a stroll around the neighborhood. It was such a tease! The girls loved it. I'm so sad that I can't do that with them again for quite a few months.

Our First Christmas

Our first Christmas with the girls was good. It was really great to have our girls with us for the holiday. OUR girls. It still seems like it's not real! We usually go to dinner Christmas Eve for my dad's birthday and then go to church. However, since we can't go anywhere with the girls, my parents picked us up some dinner and we opened gifts and hung out with my family (Mom and Dad and Aunt Angela and Uncle Todd) until they went to church. They got a ton of clothes and some great little toys to help with their development. They both slept through most of it. Mady was a little more alert then Emma. Christmas day we had dinner at my parents and then later in the day Uncle Fritz and Aunt Terri came over. We can't wait until next year when they will be a little more aware of Christmas. I can't believe the holidays are over and I'll be back at work next Tuesday! New Year's Eve we stayed in. My brother had a party but Christian is still getting over a cold and it was just easier to stay in. I fell asleep, of course... and Christian woke me at 12 and then we fed the girls their first bottles of 2009.