Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Our big girls standing up watching Wall-e.

A mini play date with Delaney, a NICU friend.

The carousel at the Erie Zoo.

11 months and NICU follow up

We had a great follow up appt at the NICU yesterday. The girls are right on target for 9-11 months (their adjust age is 9.5 months). No concerns! We go back one more time next summer. We're so proud of them!

Just a few weeks until their first birthday party, which they are very excited about! And a few weeks after that we'll be in Myrtle Beach!

On a side note, we are exhausted! I can't imagine how we will feel when they start walking :) And the girls have a cold yet again. It seems they average about 1 week between each new cold. I really, really hope the winter goes easy on us.