Monday, August 31, 2009

The party!

As promised, I am finally posting some pictures. Unfortunately, I think you never get quite as many photos as you hope to. We didn't get many pictures of the details of the day. We also didn't get the most important shot... a picture of the girls together in the onesies and tutus I made them. We'll be taking some portraits at the beach next week and that will be one of the pictures we take.

A lot of twin mom's have been asking about the party and details, so I'll try to go through the day for you!

We invited friends and our siblings. No Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc. the list would have just been way to long. Our initial list was at about 42 adults and 15 kids. In the end, we had about 32 adults and 13 kids at the party. I would highly suggest not going over the 45 mark. It was a wonderful party and so much fun, but anymore people would have just been too overwhelming.

We decided on a Rubber Ducky Theme for the girls because they LOVE bath time with their duckies. This is the invitation we sent out a month before the party...

I, of course, made them myself. The color scheme of the party revolved around these, so the main colors were Bubble Gum Pink, Orange, Yellow and Blue.

The party was scheduled from 1-3pm. We wanted to keep it short and sweet to let the parents of the children be able to scoot out without feeling guilty! In retrospect, 3 hours would have been a much better time window because we did feel really rushed.

We had the food ready for 1:30. We let people eat as they wanted, keeping the food warm. We did the cake smashing around 2:15 and went straight into opening gifts. Before we knew it, it was over! For food, we had macaroni and cheese (a favorite of the girls), applesauce and hamburgers and hot dogs. Simple, but enough for a good lunch. We also had rice krispie treats, mom's cake and cookies.

The cake...
If you don't know... my parents own a bakery and work as a team on fondant cakes like these. They not only look incredible, but are super moist! (

And of course the smash cakes had to be just as cute. Notice Emma checking out Mady to see what she's doing with the cake.

Some other details from the party... we had a little duck pond with dollar store gifts for the kids.

We also had bubble favors with little rubber duckies on top. We had a bubble machine making bubbles over the swimming pool. No photos of this :(

What they are really fighting over in this picture is not a toy, it's a water bottle!

The girls had a great time and I don't think either one of them fussed at all until after the party when they were beyond exhausted. My sleepy lil' Madelyn passed out on Uncle Fritz ...

They got a nice mix of clothes and toys and we had nothing to return! With some of the gift cards they received, we got them some stacking blocks and a bongo!

This week they will officially be one and we are having a low-key family pizza night at our place. They girls still have 2 gifts to open from us and of course they want to try Grammie's cake again.

Friday, Mady has an appt with the eye doctor. The eye with the hemangioma seems to be a tiny bit lazy, so we just want to make sure it's okay. Then they have an afternoon appt at the Pedi for their 1 year visit and shots. We took them for 1 year bloodwork on Saturday. They did so great. Poor Mady had to get stuck twice because they couldn't find a good vein.

Saturday we leave for the beach!