Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally feeling better.

Everyone seems to be on the mend! Mady has her asthma doctor appt this week. Emma is still potty training... we are definitely not one of the lucky ones that gets through it in a weekend :) She's doing good though. She seems to actually do better in public than she does at home.

I have yet another blog where I'll be posting about projects that I work on that are kiddo related. If you get a chance, go check it out and follow me :)

On a cute note, yesterday Christian took the girls out for an hour or so to "run some errands" which basically meant, buy me some flowers and a card. Not 5 minutes after they were back, Miss Emma blurted out "Mommy, I bought you flowers." It was so cute. Christian's face turned red and she got this grin on her face, like she kinda knew she wasn't supposed to tell me.

My parents watched the girls for us last night and we got a much needed dinner and movie night. We had a blast, as usual though, I really missed those girls!