Sunday, January 27, 2008

The reality of it all

We really want to go on a cruise. I really want a new car. A NICE new car. Can we afford these on our incomes? Absolutely. Should we do these things with our IF debt floating over our heads? Probably not. The reality is we are $22K in debt right now. We can dig ourselves out in 3 years at the rate we are paying things off. The reality is also that we will be adopting at some point... whether it's our first or second child. That means an additional $15-$30K. It just sucks. I know that we should be giving these things up without thinking twice because it's for a child... something we've wanted since we've met. That doesn't make it any easier to have to pass up a vacation or a nice(r) car.

The reality is I can settle on the car that wasn't at the top of my list. We can figure out a little less expensive vacation. At the same time, we really want to do it up because it will be our last vacation without a little one. Bottom line, I can't make a decision about a cruise this year until we know if our IVF has worked. If it hasn't then we can't spend that kind of money. If it works, we can. If it fails I will still need to go somewhere to escape the reality of it all.