Saturday, March 21, 2009

6 month check up and breaking up the bubble!

The girls had their 6 month check up and all is good! They're right on target. Mady is in the 10-25% percentile. Emma is in the 5th. We'll be moving to solids 3 days a week in April and adding proteins in May. The girls won't have another well visit until 9 months!

The doctor said we could start opening up the girls little bubble that they live in. So... we'll slowly start accepting more visitors and taking them out more! We're still going to stay away from kids until May, since kids are always sick. I took the girls to Robinson Town Center on Wednesday. The weather was beautiful and girls really enjoyed the walk and being out and about! Yesterday we went to Toys R Us. Amazingly, there were no kids in there! It's such a great feeling to finally be able to show off our princesses!

My parents are our daycare providers Mon-Wed and they are off to Africa for 2 weeeks! So, I'm home with the girls all next week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow us to get out for a walk everyday. They have their 6 month developmental check up at the NICU Monday and we're looking forward to seeing the doctors and nurses that we saw daily for 2 months! Wednesday the have their last synagis shot for the season and Friday Mady has a repeat liver ultrasound.

The girls are now grasping at objects and transferring objects from hand to hand. We think Emma may be the first to crawl... she's ready to go go go!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009