Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sick Update

So, I took Mady to the doctor for her follow up on Monday and I took Emma as well. Emma had been acting fine, but her cough changed a little and we are going on 4+weeks of being sick.

Turns out miss Emma was wheezing and diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I never heard her wheeze at home :( Both girls o2 levels were a little low, so they both got breathing treatments at the doctors and we were sent home with a breathing machine and 5 prescriptions. UGH!

They both seem to be doing better, I think... Emma sounded a little congested this morning. We didn't see our regular doctor on Monday, so I have a list of questions for Christian to ask the doctor on Friday. I had to switch some days around this week to make up for missing work. Basically, I think we should send them to an asthma or allergy doctor, just to make sure that asthma isn't triggering these.

C'mon Mady...

I hear this a million times a day "c'mon mady, let's go potty. c'mon mady, time to eat." Big sis is always taking care of her little sister. I walked into the bathroom yesterday and saw this scene...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, Mady...

The girls have been sick since christmas. Emma has double ear infections. Both have been coughing for awhile, but Mady's cough changed on Friday. Yesterday, I swore I heard wheezing and with her having pneumonia twice last year, I decided to take her to urgent care. I didn't take her to the hospital because she was acting okay.

At urgent care, the dr. first made feel a little nuts and told me she heard no wheezing. (I later felt better when the medic said you can wheeze for 10 minutes then be fine for hours). She decided to check her o2 just to be safe. o2 levels were around 90. decided to do an xray which showed possible bronchitis. Checked o2 again and it dipped to 85 at one point AFTER a breathing treatment.

So, they told me she needed to go via ambulance to the ER. which I DO NOT think was necessary at all, but I went along with... better safe than sorry. Her stats went up in the ambulance but went from 86-94 at the hospital the only time she hit 99 was with the breathing treatment mask on. Her resting heart rate hit 170 for about an hour, which freaked me out.

UPDATE: Nurse told me at the doctors that they would have also sent us via ambulance. It's starting to hit me that my kiddo was not doing so well...

Anyway, we got another chest xray and found pneumonia. she had it twice last year, so now they are thinking possible asthma, I guess?

Antibiotics, steriods, breathing treatments, sent home at 1am. She seems okay this morning, but I'm obsessively watching her breathing.

She needs seen first thing tomorrow am. I think I'm going to try to get Emma in as well to have them double check her chest? Mady had been on almost 2 straight doses of antibiotics for her ears, so I'm perplexed at how she has pneumonia.

Christian just called from the pharmacy and the pharmacist pulled him aside to ask what we needed the steroids for because they never see that high of a dose in a toddler :( They are going to all the ER docs and call us back.