Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trip to the beach!

We went to Myrtle Beach the second week of Sept with my family (brother and SIL and nephew and my parents). We had a great time! I was worried about the drive, but it went well! We stopped about 6.5 hours into the trip and stayed at a hotel and did the same on the way back. The girls slept almost the whole time and really only whined a few times... which is less than the whining I did about the drive :)

They loved the sand and thoroughly enjoyed eating it. YUCK! Mady loved the waves and Emma took a little longer to get used to it. We had a condo, so we were able to eat breakfast and lunch in most days. The weather was great. We already are booked again for next year! I'm not sure if next year will be easier or harder. The girls will probably hate being in the car next year, but they will probably enjoy the beach more and hopefully will be over putting everything in their mouths.

The girls are doing really well. They are both attempting to stand on their own, but Emma really loves to show of her skills. Mady would much rather sit down and crawl off. We actually have a physical therapist coming in to evaluate Mady because the developmentalist noticed a slight red flag with the way Madelyn stands. She stands with her feet and legs pointed out. We are not overly concerned, but love that we have this support system right at our fingertips. The girls really aren't saying any words yet either, but it often sounds at though Mady is saying "what's that?" Very cute.

They are now both waving and Mady plays peek a boo and covers her eyes. Mady will point out to anyone that is holding her where their nose is :)

The girls will be 13 months tomorrow! Unfortunately they are both sick with colds yet again.

Oh, and we are now fully on milk and adult foods! Yay girls!

I will post some recent pics soon. I'm just glad I was able to get this post in!