Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here's a what girls are saying now regularly. They repeat EVERYTHING.

They both say basically the same words. Emma talks a little more than Mady.

More, Book, Water, Milk, Thank You, Emma, Mady, Baby, Kitty, Dog, Moon, Owl, Fish, Bear, Polar Bear, Turtle, Cup, Cookie, Up (Emma), Alligator (Emma), Down, Bird, Mama, Dada, Uncle, Please, Block, Clock, Banana.

and how could I forget the word "No!"

Pneumonia and other happenings

So Mady, did indeed have pneumonia for the 2nd time in 3 months. She went back for a re-check on Friday and still had some crackling in her lungs. The doctor and I decided to get some blood work just to make sure there's nothing behind all these times Mady has been sick. We counted 11 doses of antibiotic in 19 months. Emma had about 1/2 that. They are daycare kids 2 days a week, but still... I'm taking Mady this week for her blood work.

I posted March's pictures on Shutterfly:

Some very, very sad news hit us Friday. An old friend from high school lost her 2.5 year old boy to cancer. He had been battling it since September. I'll be attending the viewing this evening to support her and her family. It's a horrible story. As his mom puts it, he is now pain-free, cancer-free and running free. Hug your kids tight and be thankful for them every single day!

I've been a little busy lately trying to ramp up Lil' LJ even more. We had a really great first quarter, so it put me in gear. I'm looking to start carrying toddler sizes as well as some adorable dresses/rompers for girls. We also have a super cute new Peanut Butter/Jelly twin pack.

Will post some Easter pics soon. (I think maybe I said that a week ago?!)