Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Distinct Personalities

They already have very distinct personalities and these photos are SO who theses little girls are! First two are Emma, second two are Mady.

This is how we do it.

Here's a picture of how I feed the girls simultaneously. I take a break mid bottle and burp one, then the other. We don't always do this. If the girls are being patient or if one is still sound asleep, I'll feed them one at a time so that I can hold them. It takes an hour to feed them each separately and about half that time simultaneously.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My return to work.

I just got approved to return to work part time until May. The girls will not be released into day care from their Pediatrician until May, which is when RSV season (cold and flu) is over. So, I'll be working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. My parents will watch them those three days. In the meantime, I'll still be searching for in-home care, a learning center, or someone who watches just a few children in her home for Thursdays when I return to work. I think it would help the girls to be around a few other children one day a week. I'm so thankful that my company was able to accomodate us.

Our longest stretch yet.

Wow, keeping up with posts is getting harder and harder. Last night the girls went from 11pm - 4:45pm between feedings! We're getting closer and closer to a peaceful night here and there. The bad news though... Emma, for the second night in a row, spent almost 2 hours crying. We try to take her up to the crib and put her down and she just loses it. Friday night, I laid with her on the floor and that calmed her down. We fell asleep together, which I will not do again. I'm too afraid of co-sleeping. Last night, nothing would calm her. Finally, she let out a couple of horrific screams and just tired herself out and feel asleep in my arms. On the flip side, Emma has been smiling alot more. She's definitely caught up with Madelyn in that respect and they are both smiling at us and we even get a tiny giggle here and there.

We met with the developmentalist on Wednesday. The girls are eligible for weekly services, so every week and developmentalist and an occupational therapist will come in and work with us. The girls are doing great. They are right on target with a 1 month old (their adjusted age) and are even hitting some of the 2 and 3 month milestones. There are a couple areas we need to work on, such as their feedings (they aren't increasing what they eat) and things like starting to grasp at toys. Since that meeting, they have started grabbing at their toy rings/rattles and even holding on to them for a few seconds.