Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Always on our toes

This is a late post but poor Emma hurt her ankle 3 weeks ago. It swelled up bad. The pediatrician told us it was probably sprained but she kept reinjuring it and eventually landed at urgent care and found out she has a fractured ankle on her growth plate. She has a super cute purple cast and is doing pretty well with it. So well in fact, that we're on week 3 of 4 and she may have to get it redone tomorrow from wearing through it! Sponge baths are the low point for sure. She misses playing with her sister in the tub.

Mady might be lactose intolerant and we're currently on day 4 of a lactose free two weeks to see how she does. She gets tons of gas, bloating and chronic diarrea which no 4.5 year old should have to deal with!

On my end of things, I had an ultrasound last week due to pelvic and back pain and bleeding. Technician said things did NOT look good. That my endo looks like it's adhering everything together in there. I'm suppossed to hear from my doctor today. I'm assuming that means a trip back to the endometriosis surgeon. We'll see!!

That's a super quick update. Hope to post a picture of Emma's super cute cast if I can remember!