Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our First Ear Infection!

Well, almost 4 weeks later and the girls seem to be feeling better, although Mady went to the doctors today because she has had recurrent fevers over these few weeks. Turns out she has her first ear infection and is handling it like a trooper. In fact, after weeks of both kiddos waking up several time during the night, they both slept the entire night last night. Yay!

This weekend, the girls are going to my parents, while Christian and I go out on a date for his birthday. Sunday is the Magee NICU reunion. Looking forward to seeing a few friends we met along the way. We took the girls to Phipps last weekend and we had a great time. They even had birds there, which the girls loved. Can't wait to take them to the Aviary in July.

Here's a few recent pics and a link to their May pictures.

The four of us at Phipp's Conservatory

First time in the kiddy pool!
The poster of the girls that was displayed at the Pittsburgh March for Dimes walk.

Look how big my babies are already! Happy 9 months my princesses!