Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our Lil' Angels!!

Here's some video of our ultrasound today. It was soooo cool. Everything looks great. They are both measuring about the same and right on target for 18.5 weeks. We successfully avoided finding out their sexes. The ultrasound technician turned off our monitor when the time came. Christian asked the nurse if everything was "okay" down there, and it is :)

We got to see the four chambers of the heart, the kidneys, stomach, feet, hands, spine, brain, eye lenses and even the lips! The entire ultrasound was over an hour. They also measure my cervix, and everything looks good. I had a minor cervical surgery a few years back that *may* cause me problems, but so far everything is perfect! They'll keep an eye on this for each of my monthly ultrasounds. The heartbeats were both at 130. If you believe old wive's tales, then it would seem like 2 boys. However, my gut now says one boy/one girl. We'll see in November!

At :50 in, you can see two dark spots. One is the heart, the other the stomach! At 1:25 in, you can see both babies, B on top, A on the bottom. At 2:50, you can see one of the babies moving it's arm/hand about. I'm sure this is all very hard to make out without explanation, but still pretty cool!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Belly Pic - 18 weeks, 2 days

In case you missed it...

This adorable 4 year old was on America's Got Talent last night. I cry every time I watch it. She's precious!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

18 weeks and a little kick?

Today is 18 weeks already! Last night when I laid down for my after work nap, I was touching my belly and trying to figure out where the little pickles are right now. When I pushed down, I swear I felt a little *tap* back!

At 18 weeks, they are about the size of a large pickle (about 5.5 inches long) and weigh almost 7 ounces each. They are busy flexing their arms and legs – movements I'll start to feel more and more over the coming weeks. The blood vessels are visible through the skin and the ears are now in their final position. If there is a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place... if there is a boy, his genitals are in place as well. We hope they are hiding these things from us for the ultrasound on Saturday.

They will continue to grow and develop, but the rapid growth will slow down for a little while. The babies are now becoming more sensitive to the outside world. They can now hear and they will get used to familiar sounds such as my heart beating, familiar voices, blood rushing through the umbilical cord and other daily routine sounds. They are also active yawners right now. We are hoping to catch them yawning or sucking on their thumbs at the ultrasound!

Monday, June 16, 2008

2 Babies, 2 Cribs!

We'll be ordering our cribs from Babies R Us within the next week. We LOVE them – perfectly simple and modern!