Friday, January 8, 2010

Are these the same girls?

I thought for the sake of me trying to remember these times, I'd post a little update on what the girls are doing and their personalities! At times it seems like they've completely switched. Emma used to be very nervous around new people and not quite as outgoing. Now she waves to everyone she sees. Mady is now very clingy in the morning and cries when we leave her at daycare. They are now 16 months old! They still get sick a lot and they are both just getting over a bad cold with ear infections. For a few weeks they were both waking up in the middle of the night and would not go back to sleep unless it was with us. Now that they are feeling better, they are sleeping better, though one of them usually ends up with us for a few hours. During Christmas break we had 2 nights of solid sleep AND they slept until 9am, so thank you my sweet girls!

Madelyn says diaper and will go get a diaper for her diaper changes if we ask her. Emma LOVES her baby doll. Last night when I was rocking her and her baby she was stroking her baby's hair and hugging her just like I was doing to Emma. Emma says hi and she now sings, which is awful cute. She only seems to do it for Christian and I though. Hopefully I can catch that on video. They both love books. Mady seems to always have one in her hands. They love to go out. They are excited when they see their shoes and coats come out.

They play pretty well together, although there are some fights over toys and Emma definitely gets jealous when I hold Mady. Last night she squeezed her way right into my arms by pushing Mady out of the way. They both love to give hugs and kisses and if you ask them to kiss each other, they will!

They are back to napping twice a day on most days, which is fine by me!


I was waiting until I had photos to update, but I haven't had time to upload them yet.

We had a great Christmas with the girls. They weren't quite as into it as I thought they would be,
but it was still so much fun. Christmas Eve we went to dinner and then came back to the house and opened gifts from Grammie and Pap-pap and Aunt Angela and Uncle Todd. All 3 kids were spoiled rotten! I think Emma's favorite gifts were her baby dolls from Grammie and strollers from Aunt Angela. Mady's are probably the Little People Farm from Aunt Julie and Uncle Michael and the Quad that Grandpa Mayer got them. They got some really cute fuzzy pillows in the shape of a bumble bee and turtle from Uncle Fritz and Aunt T. Santa got them a play house door thingy, which as a front door that opens and closes, light switches they can turn on and off, etc. They got some clothes, a sit and spin, tickle me elmo, a new play table, an activity center, books, and a bunch of other stuff. We can't wait till next year when they will be even more excited to see what's underneath the wrapping paper!

I tried to go through and put some older toys in storage to make some room for the new toys, but we've finally decided that it's probably time to move into a slightly larger home. We need one more bedroom and one more bath. We are so cramped right now and with us both doing freelance work we need a large bedroom for our office not the tiny, tiny bedroom we are both squeezed into right now!

I will update more soon and post some pictures from Christmas.

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