Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We did end up getting the girls vaccinated. Well, they at least at the first shot. Our doctor originally didn't feel comfortable with it, but changed her mind. I feel much better knowing they have at least one shot in them especially since they seem to get EVERYTHING.

Wow, it's been awhile.

Busy would be an understatement. I honestly don't know how I keep going on some days. Working 4 days, running Lil' LJ, taking on tons of freelance work, trying to keep up with the house and finding time with my girls has proven difficult as of late!

I'm going to try to remember everything of note that happened since my last post and hopefully upload some pictures this week.

The girls tested out of their developmental and physical therapy! They are on target for just about everything and they feel there is no point in following them as closely as we have been. I did agree to a tracking system, which will follow up on us every 3 months, just to make sure the girls are meeting the milestones that they should be. I was very sad to say goodbye to Melanie, who was the developmentalist. We've seen her about every other week since they came home from the NICU.

Both girls currently have pink eye in both eyes. They've been waking up around 11 or 12 after going down for bed around 8. One night it's Mady, the next it's Emma. We let them cry for a little and then most times they wake the other. We've been pulling one or the other into bed with us when this happens so that both babies aren't screaming all night. Then, after they are passed out, we put them back or TRY to put them back.

Okay, so this probably isn't the best idea. I don't want them dependent on snuggling with us every time they wake up crying. However, at 12am, when you are exhausted and you know that letting them cry it out longer than 15 minutes wakes the other, there really isn't much choice. Right now they are teething and have horrible colds in addition to their pink eye. I'm hoping these are the reasons for these wakings. Last night Emma did sleep the whole night, so that makes me feel better. Mady was with me from 4am-7am coughing non-stop.

They are both walking and talking. Well, not talking persay, but they can babble on with the funniest infections in their voices. Mady says: diaper, mama, dada and what's this. Emma says: mama, dada, kitty, hi, baby. There are probably some other words that we just don't realize they are saying.

They are very into organizing and taking things in and out of objects. It's pretty funny to watch.

As I'm typing all this, I'm actually feeling guilty about not being on here more often and recording every single milestone and date. I guess I should at least be happy that I have done what I have on here right?

We bought a new camera and I am hoping to get some Christmas shots this weekend and then maybe I can start our holiday cards sometime before the New Year. Unfortunately, I also feel guilty about not picking up the camcorder enough to catch video of them. There are so many cute moments I wish I had captured. The reality is we have TWINS. There isn't always a free hand to grab a camera.

We drove to Chicago for Thanksgiving to spend the weekend with Christian's dad, step-mom and brother and sister-n-law. It was a lot of fun and the girls enjoyed exploring a new place. We took them to the aquarium while we were there and they loved it. The trip took 9.5 hours hours instead of the usual 7.5. That was hard, but the girls were troopers and either slept or just looked out the windows for most of the ride.

Still no Christmas decorations up at our house. I think we may keep it simple again this year. I don't really want to spend the next few weeks saying "no" to keep them away from Christmas decorations. I think we'll put up our mini tree again this year and put it somewhere safe!

Okay, that was a little update. Pictures to come!