Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Octoplets. She's a quack. He's a quack. Everywhere a quack quack.

Myself and thousands of other women suffer from infertility and will and have gone through a lot to have children. Financially, emotionally, physically. It's a lot. We are trying to get insurance companies to pay for at least one IVF procedure when a medical problem is inhibiting a couple from getting pregnant. Well, this lady is certainly not helping the cause. Nor her doctor. The good thing is the media is recognizing this. There are many people opposed to artificial insemination and this is not helping those of us that agree with it!

This woman had 6 kids already. 3 disabled. Are you kidding me? It's basically child abuse to bring 8 MORE KIDS into this. What kind of doctor would do this? I read an article today that he has one of the worst success rates, which is probably why he thought he had to put so many embryos back in.

She was on food stamps. How did she pay for all of this? If I find out that insurance paid for this and I couldn't get ANY of mine covered.... ARGH!

I don't even know what else to say except those poor children.

Life at Day Care

I guess they don't seem to mind Grandma/Grandpa day care too much.... :)