Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hemangioma and Hernia Repair : All in One surgery

Mady was born with 3 hemangiomas (vascular birthmarks). Actually, we watched them start forming in the NICU. One on her eye (which gradually went away), one on her shoulder that has ulcerated over the years, and one on her thigh. None are painful, but do have a risk of ulcerating again. We've had many discussions over the last few years with her dermatologist and plastic surgeons and decided this was the year to remove them. In the meantime, Mady was diagnosed with a inguinal hernia which needed to be fixed. In addition to these, she also had extra skin on her belly button from an umbilical hernia she had when she was a baby. We were lucky enough to have two doctors very willing to take her at the same time to do all of this.

Some of you may find these photos unappealing, but I wanted to post these for us to remember, but also for those that are going through similar surgeries. I had a really hard time finding before and after photos on the internet. The doctor did show Mady and I a before and after shot in the office so we had an idea of what to expect. She will definitely need at least one more surgery to decrease the size even more and hopefully get down to just a line scar. The birthmarks were cut out from the middle and purse string sutured, which is why it looks very pulled together and raised in the initial photos. The surgery took about 3.5 hours and we were at the hospital for about 8 hours. Mady had a hard time waking up and was very pale, so they put her back on fluids for a few hours. While fixing the hernia, the doctor took a peek at the other side to make sure she didn't have one on that side as well. All was OK!

Initially she did not want to have these removed. I think she saw them as part of who she is, which is adorable coming from a 5 year old. In the end, she was a perfect patient. She was so brave and only got scared right before surgery. She has listened to us about all her post surgery "rules" and seems happy with her results :)

She had to wear an arm sling for the first week to limit movement and to keep other kiddos at school from getting near it. The risk of these opening back up during the first weeks is very high.

And of course "sissy" was with us the whole day at the hospital
and could not wait to see Mady when she woke up.

Shoulder before surgery

4 days after surgery (first look after removing bandages)

11 days 

almost 3 weeks

Leg before surgery

4 days after

11 days

almost 3 weeks

Belly button before surgery

4 days after...

11 days after..

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